I'm Taking a Chill Pill

Our little fan-bam.

Our little fan-bam.

It’s time for me to start thinking about my mental state. I’m not claiming to be Superwoman - but my brain has been running on full-steam for a while now. It’s time to start de-stressing and start making some space in my life for some big adventures on the horizon.

I’m not saying that I’m quitting anything - I’m too addicted in taking the next step, or discovering new pathways, or creating new professional relationships to just stop with the “Jack and Ollie” social media pages. What I am saying is that I’m relaxing my own rules and I’m going to try to be a little less strict.

For the past two years now we have committed to spending the time building our business on the back of the @jackandollie Instagram page; and between posting a picture almost every single day to our social media pages, running a blog, interacting with potential sponsors and in general managing this little business, there is simply not enough hours in my day.

We have been so busy in our personal life with organising a new house build, work, school, play and organising general family time, that there seems to be a second-me that handles the social media, this blog, our travel stays and our fashion sponsors. I’m a gemini - what can I tell ya, I have 2 of me! Finally, I can reveal that Jack and Ollie will also be involved in an actual published bookset AND the start of our own “Jack & Ollie” clothing brand! The excitement we have at the moment is a 20 out of 10 and to make sure that everything is completed at a professional and exceptional level, I need to make the time in my day to achieve it.

For myself personally, I have a full time job, manage the social media and business, write these blogs, be a Mum and I’m about to start a Business course as well. I can feel my brain filling with tasks and ideas every day, and finally, this past Friday, it all got a little too much. I felt I needed to sacrifice something so I can stay a happy and mentally healthy friend, peer, wife and mother, and what I’ve decided is to drop the amount of photos I post on our Instagram account. This will free up an amazing amount of time in how many pictures I take and process as maintaining our account in it’s current form is unsustainable for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, thank you for spending the time to sit through and read my little justification. It really is for my own piece of mind that I get my reasoning out into the world.

Just keep swimming…..