Breaking Down Gender-Stereotypes One Kid at a Time


Toys, Fashion, Sport.... Gender-stereotypes in children are still a hot and contested topic within our society, and for our family; I still can’t fathom the argument that boys have to stick to short hair and only girls can enjoy having long hair. What era are we living in, people!!

It’s almost guaranteed that each time I take Oliver to a park, shopping centre or anywhere in public, that someone will mistake him for a girl, sometimes even after I tell them that HIS name is Oliver. I know most of the time it is a genuine, innocent mistake, and usually an apology will follow. Seriously, Ollie being mistaken for a girl doesn’t bother him or me. What irritates me is the after comment that sometimes follows being “Why don’t you cut his hair?” or “Boys should have short hair.” Good for you! Aren’t we lucky that we live in such a great country where freedom of speech is valued and respected? But seriously, who are you to judge me or my 4 year old son, based on his long, luscious curls?

I look at Oliver, hearing his boisterous voice, his contagious laugh, and his cute as a button looks and think that he doesn’t look anything like a little girl. Why is it that we are still living in a society where long hair = girl? Ollie loves having long hair. You should hear him showing off his “long, shiny and soft” brushed hair after it’s been washed. He’s proud of it, and unashamed, and that’s a lesson we can all learn from. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the phrase “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Stop the judging, and start accepting people and their choices of appearance, as this is something that is none of our business, and nasty remarks are only going to make people feel depressed. 

One day, when Ollie asks me to get his hair cut like his older brother, I’ll take him. It’s completely his own choice, and for the time being, he’s rocking the blonde curls like a boss and no one should ruin his parade!

The end, rant over. Peace.