An Ode to South East Queensland

Ok, Here's a shout-out to where we're based - in beautiful South-East Queensland, Australia, which truly is, the perfect spot for a little family like ours. Queensland keeps getting referred to as a "backwards" state, with limited things to do, shops to explore and sometimes questionable vocabulary from the locals, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Let's begin with location, location, location. In a 100km radius from Brisbane, we have access to the most beautiful beaches, world-class theme parks, lush rainforests, rustic bushland and a booming city filled with the best fashion powerhouses that anyone could ever ask for. Really, the only thing that we're missing is snow - but that's cool, because with our warm climate, we Queenslander's aren't built for the cold anyway. For Jack and Ollie, access to a wide range of different sceneries is crucial for the success of their brand. We love to shoot photos at Noosa, or at Mount Tamborine, or at the farm near Warwick, or even at Movie World - and it's all within an easy drive from home. 

So back to what I was saying about us Queenslander's not really being built for the cold.... We have a minimum temperature in the dead of Winter of about 8 degrees celsius - for probably 2 days of the year...... and boy do we whinge! Probably too because our houses, workplaces and clothing is also not sufficiently warm enough to give us "Summer Satisfaction" on days like that. Our Summer, however, is on a complete other level, and this is what most of us live for. With 30+ temperatures, extreme UV sun rays, and the humidity to make someone's sweat, sweat - If you can't find a car park at the local shopping centre to chill in their air-conditioning, you would probably find most locals hanging out at the beach. Really, who needs snow anyway?

Brisbane City and it's surrounding 'burbs is all within a short distance to travel with lots of shops, malls, entertainment venues and dining precincts. We are truly spoilt for choice with the calibre of local and international brands to splurge on, a cultural centre thats overflowing with things to see and do and world-class events that keep filling up our calendar each year.

So what are we missing out on? Nothing that we can't fly to for a holiday. What are you missing out on? A fabulous place to live in. Whether you're single, young, old or have a family, the place you call home is the one thing you want to get right - and South East Queensland is right!