Five Little Faces is More than just Another Kids Brand


After stalking the Five Little Faces Instagram and Facebook pages for a while, I knew what pieces that I had my eye on, so when they were delivered, I could not contain my excitement!

I grabbed the first pair of harems and caught myself rubbing the pants between my fingers, only thinking how great quality cotton they were and how they will last through the constant barrage of "boyness" Jack will put them through. It wasn't just the quality of the fabric that I was amazed by - but the different textiles used in the designs of the clothes. Take for example the pleather star on Ollie's kick-ass shirt, or the shredded and layered funky jeans that will never get out of fashion. Being more than just a plain-jane piece of fashion is what Five Little Faces is all about - and that's exactly what we love!

Have I mentioned the ultra cool prints that caught my eye! First the skulls - you cannot get any more cooler and tough than being head to toe in skulls. And with Ollie's obsession with all things Minions, the long sleeved shirt completely covered with bananas was a perfect match.

Last but not least - the most important component of all, the fit. Is there nothing worse than buying your dream clothes online, only to find out that they gape in the back of the pants, or the sleeves are too short, or the shirt stretches too snug across the chest? The designs of Five Little Faces are so perfectly described that there is no mistake and question when ordering for your little ones. You can buy in peace, knowing that when your parcel arrives, the clothes can be immediately worn and shown off in all their trendy glory.

Check out the Five Little Faces website, or visit their social media pages!