My "Rainkoat" is not just for Rainy Weather!

Queenslander’s are used to perfect warm, sunny days, even in winter – so the brisk winter winds that have consumed eastern Australia over the last couple of weeks, I couldn’t think of more appropriate clothing to wear than our new, hardy and beautiful coats from Rainkoat.

Rainkoat is a unique children’s rainwear business operating out of Tasmania, Australia where temperatures range from in the negative’s in the winter to mid-20’s in the summer. Their clothes are made out of durable, warm and waterproof polyurethane with 100% cotton lining. With the welded seams, zip AND Velcro closures, pockets and hood, their jackets are built for the perfect day out with the family!

The greatest part about their range of coats and overalls is that they shouldn’t be worn just for rainy weather – but for cold and windy days as well. With gorgeous, bright colours of red, navy, yellow and green, your children would not only stand out in a crowded park or beach, but also will have the most stylish clothes around as well!

Rainkoat’s range is very affordable, machine-washable and a must have for any kid – worldwide. Put down those flimsy children’s umbrellas and those thin, plastic, cheap raincoats and purchase something that is going to make a statement and last the distance. Jack and Ollie are both in love with their new Rainkoat clothes and they now know that when the weather is a but yucky, at least they will be nice, dry and warm and still be able to play outside. I just wished they came in adult sizes!  ;)

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