The Business of Being Jack & Ollie

As our Instagram page hits 80,000 followers, we reflect on the journey of how @jackandollie has evolved from a mother sharing photos of her kids, to a brand with a loyal following, website, shop and endless possibilities. Yes, you read that correctly, Jack & Ollie is now a "brand", and haters gonna hate - but if managed well, securely and with forward-thinking, this adventure can reap benefits and opportunities that could last a lifetime.


Our blogging business has been showcasing local and international kids fashion and accessories for just over a year now, and like any professional social influencer, we charge a small fee for features on our Instagram page. We started this by asking a mere $5 per post from anyone asking to collaborate (we did this at about 22,000 followers). When we found people jumping at the opportunity, the price was raised a little, and a little and a little bit more until we found a balance between business valuing the opportunity to market their products seriously, and those just looking for a cheap deal. I'm not going to say how much we charge per post at this moment (if you would like to consider advertising on our social media pages - please get in touch here, but as our follower count rises, so does our rates. If you would like more information on how you could monetise your social media posts - but need your follower count to rise a little first, I would recommend my book on how we did it for @jackandollie which can be found in our shop at

Whilst fashion will be the main focus on what we show on our Instagram and Facebook pages, we have now started branching out into the travel scene, cause "why not"! Who doesn't want to use their online popularity for a holiday here and there! Its a dream to be flown around the world, sipping mojitos in the Caribbean, attending fashion festivals and experiencing the best of the best, but first, we start small. I have decided that to start off, we'll offer posts and blogs for accommodation and as we start building a collection of photos and blogs in the "family holiday" category, we could then start thinking more boldly. Keep an eye out over the next couple of months for our first few holiday collaborations! 

The Jack & Ollie brand doesn't stop at fashion and travel though - with a website and blog that is gaining attention from all around the world, we are thinking BIG! Coming soon, Jack & Ollie the label. Yep, we are branching out as designers and will be creating our very own unisex line of limited edition kids fashion available to everyone who believes that there is no place for gender stereotypes and want their children to dress like a boss.

So in the meantime, life is keeping us busy whilst my mind is constantly thinking "what if, how to, I am". Yes, I'm in need of more hours in the day so I can start to conquer the worlds of Twitter and YouTube, but this is a thought for tomorrow. If you had a social media empire, what would you be doing?

Jess - Jack and Ollie's Mum.

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