Our Love of DIY Traditions

Coming into Christmas season, the love of our very own traditions are coming into force, and after a year of hard work, entering into a new school, sport and travel, touching base with some personal traditions really bring home the importance of family, love and friendships.

My memory is not so great, in fact, I can't really remember much before the boys entered into our lives (I'm still blaming baby brain), so taking my mind off the usual day to day activities, and focussing on our yearly festivities is really a blessing in disguise!

When November rolls around each year, my snap-happy fingers get a little excited to start creating our very own Christmas card! Each year, we find a beautiful, new location and the boys dress up in Santa and Elf costumes to entertain our loved ones, and mortify and embarrass their future selves. 2015 marks our 5th card, which is now well and truly an established and expected tradition. I won't show you this year's picture (yet), but check out the last 4!

We don't just stop at Christmas cards, each year we also create a photo book that showcases the best of our family pictures, travels, events, special moments from the year that's passed. It makes for an awesome present to family, and a far cheaper option than continually printing out photos and finding the time to put them into a photo album. HINT: We are always on the lookout at this time of year for "group buying" coupons (Groupon, Scoopon, Living Social, etc) for companies to create our photo books and Christmas cards. It's ridiculous the savings that you can find!

Our Christmas tree also doesn't escape our little annual custom. I head out on a little shopping trip (any excuse to shop, right?!?) to find the most unusual bauble as I can. We've accumulated hand-painted ones, Russian timber ones, intricate glass birds and even mini dream catchers to add to our tree. Last year I went a little crazy to satisfy my sparkle and glitter obsession and bought the tree a new crown, in the shape of my beautiful parrot (still unnamed). Such a perfect topper for our personalised tree!

What should we name our parrot which now sits upon our Christmas tree?

What should we name our parrot which now sits upon our Christmas tree?

Traditions don't have to stop at Christmas. Whether it's a birthday treat, anniversary of a special event, spending a particular day with a group of mates, traditions just add that extra little bit of excitement and anticipation. 

Like I mentioned before, it seems like I'm always creating new traditions, so what is it that you look forward to doing each year? (I promise I won't steal your idea!)