Handmade to Perfection

I think most people by now know that I'm a sucker for bold, individual clothing that adds spunk and coolness to my boy's wardrobe - and Little Emperor has that in spades!

When we go out somewhere special, to dress to the nines, or dress up only a little bit, it is such a pleasure to tell people where our wardrobe pieces are from; and Little Emperor being an Australian business makes me beam just a little more.

These shirts are handmade with 100% cotton, only using the best patterns and designs. It's not just shirts that this brand is nailing - they have a brilliant range of apparel for girls and boys ranging from pants and leggings, dresses, button up shirts, t-shirts and even bibs/facecloths.

Why not visit their website and get your hands on something that little bit quirky and unique for your little darlings?

Little Emperor